Top Hiking Gear: 8 Products to Elevate Your Hike

What is the Best Hiking Gear?

What is the Best Hiking Gear?

Best Hiking Gear

We've officially made it to Spring. And if you're like us, you've been waiting all winter to head out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. We usually don't care what we're doing as long as it's outside, but our favorite pastime is definitely day hiking. We've been hiking for quite a while now and we wanted to share some handy tips we've learned along the way. If you haven't hiked a lot and are wondering what you might need for a successful day hike, look no further than our recommendations below on our list of some of the best hiking gear that we've used to date.

#1: Hiking Boots - Don't Sacrifice Quality for Price

When looking for hiking boots that will be used just for day hikes and not backpacking over rough terrain, you don't need to break the bank, but don't skimp either. Look for a light-weight, supportive, and breathable boot for anywhere between $60-120. Like these ones:

Merrell Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

This boot is made from suede leather for support and mesh for breathability. There are many added support points in the boot – the arch, the heel, the contoured footbed, and the suede leather upper. These boots will keep your feet and ankles comfortable and protected. The best hiking gear for your tootsies, there's many colors and choices of hiking boots and shoes to choose from on Amazon. Our favorite brands are Merrell, Keen, and Columbia.

#2: The Correct Socks - Merino Wool Will Change the Way you Hike

The buck doesn't stop at the boot, because the correct socks are also extremely important hiking gear as well. Remember, you did not invite blisters to your hike! We've learned over time that cotton socks create blisters most of the time, point blank. That's why we recommend Merino Wool socks like these ones:

Danish Endurance Merino Hiking Trekking Socks

These Danish Endurance socks check off all of the boxes of what makes a good hiking sock. They are most often made from Merino wool, but can also be made with polyester, nylon, silk and spandex. Your socks should be taller than the hiking boot in order to prevent boot-to-skin rubbing. A tall sock also protects against ticks and scratches. And it's important to note that the more cushioning the sock has, the warmer it will be. If you're hiking on a hot day, go with less cushioning. 

This is our Best Hiking Gear List

This is our Best Hiking Gear List

#3: Trekking Poles - Make a Huge Difference on Steep Hikes & River Crossings

Once you hike with trekking poles, you'll wonder why you never tried them before. They are an amazing addition to your bundle of the best hiking gear. But note that with trekking poles, you do get what you pay for. If you want a set that will last for several years, you will want to invest in the $50-60+ poles, like these ones: 

Foxelli Trekking Poles

The Foxelli Trekking Poles are lightweight and high-quality, made from Carbon Fiber instead of less-durable aluminum. They absorb shock along the hike, which helps to alleviate arm fatigue.

The poles are retractable for easy storage and adjustable to fit men, women, and children. Four accessories are included to allow you to hike different terrains. If you're looking for the best hiking gear, these poles are must!

#4: Sensible Clothing - Depending on Weather and other Conditions

When you're hiking, you're going to experience varying temperatures based on weather, shade versus sun, elevation, etc.

The best way to dress for hiking is in layers so that you have the option to add or remove clothing depending on temperature or other conditions. The best pants that we can recommend are the:

Columbia Convertible Pants

Columbia makes Convertible Pants for every member of the family. And in other colors too. These are perfect for hiking because if you get too hot, just unzip the bottom of the legs off and you're left with shorts.

If you get cold again, zip them back on. Some of the best hiking gear you can buy!

The Top 8 Best Hiking Gear List

The Top 8 Best Hiking Gear List

#5: Hydration - This Should Actually Have Been #1. Bring Lots of Water!

We all know that staying hydrated is essential for our bodies. When we're hiking and sweating, staying hydrated becomes even more important.

A Hydration Backpack like a Camelbak is an easy way to carry water with you on a hike and qualifies as one of the best hiking gear you can buy to elevate your hiking experience. Assuming you're not going on a long distance hike, go with the:

Camelbak HydroBak Hydration 50 Ounce

For a short-distance day hike, the Camelbak HydroBak fits the bill perfectly. The pack comes with a water bladder that you fill prior to the hike. Then you connect the straw to the bladder and drink from it as you need to.  

#6: Food - Don't Get Hangry On The Trail!

Food is one of the best hiking gears you can carry. While food may not be typical hiking gear, per se, you've got to have it with you. In the past, you would have to put together a trail mix, some beef jerky, maybe some sandwiches, etc. Now, you can have this done for you! The easiest way to get some quick snacks delivered to you is via:

The Hangry Kit

The Hangry Kit is essentially a care package. This one is perfect for day hikes. It contains a variety of healthy snacks to keep energy levels high throughout the hike, including:

  • 1 Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds 1.5oz 
  • 2 Clif Bar Variety 1 Peanut Butter 1 Chocolate Chip 2.4oz 
  • 1 Kar’s Trail Mix Yogurt Apple Nut Mix 2oz 
  • 2 Nature Valley Protein Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate 1.42oz 
  • 2 PowerBar Performance Variety Pack 2.29oz 
  • 1 Oberto All-Natural Beef Jerky, Original, 1.5oz 
What are the Best Foods for Hiking?

What are the Best Foods for Hiking?

#7: Watertight First Aid Kit - There Will Be Bumps and Bruises

A must-have hiking gear item - first aid - because it's always better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. The one we recommend is the:

Adventure Medical Kits – Ultralight - Best Hiking Gear

This First Aid Kit has everything you should need for a simple day hike and comes in a watertight bag. In addition, it's lightweight and easy to pack.

With this kit you'll feel prepared to handle any mishaps that may come across your path.

#8: Sun Protection - Stay Looking Young and Prevent Skin Cancer

Regardless of whether you are in the bright sunlight or in the shade of the forest, sun protection for your skin is always necessary and should be included in your bag with your other best hiking gear.

Always apply sunscreen prior to beginning the hike and throughout the hike. The one we've been using lately is:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen

This sunscreen will do the job quite nicely because it's sweatproof and waterproof; which can mean less reapplying!

Best Hiking Gear Reviews

Best Hiking Gear Reviews

Bonus #9: Polarized Sunglasses

You might not have used polarized sunglasses before, but you might have wondered about what it's like to own a pair. I've been using polarized for a few years now and if I have a choice, I never want to go back to regular lenses again. Polarized adds such depth and clarity, they make everything around you that much more clear. Wearing them is like a breathe of fresh air. And the best part is how much better your hike becomes while wearing them. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses will cost at least $50

That's It - Our Top Hiking Gear List

Hopefully your next hike will be much more pleasant after investing in some quality best hiking gear.  Thanks for giving our guide a read and please don't hesitate to leave us any questions in the comments below.

Our Top Hiking Gear!

Our Top Hiking Gear!