Best Backpacking Tents for the Outdoors

Best Backpacking Tents

Best Backpacking Tents

The Best Backpacking Tents Review

So, you’re getting out into the wilderness and hiking trails. You make it to the peak and whip out your travel yoga mat for some zen time. After meditating and practicing your breathing, you break out the granola bars and start daydreaming of your bed back at home. Or maybe you have a long multi-day trail planned and want something that is lightweight and easy to carry that you can sleep in. Don’t ever leave home without the best backpacking tents you can find, these are the key to giving you that important break from the winding path! Check out my picks of the best backpacking tents for maximizing adventure time in the wilderness.

Backpacking Tent

Backpacking Tent

Best Backpacking Tents for 1-2 People

Whether you’re the lone wolf bushwhacking your way through the brush or a two-man wolf pack, these tents will make great additions to your hiking gear.

Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint

Enlist the Bryce two-person ultralight tent for your hiking and camping journeys. Approximately 3lbs and 7ozs, this durable tent comes with a footprint included and is packed with features.

Some specs include two-way inner and outer zippers, mesh pockets, and 5,000 mm silicon/PU waterproofing that will keep you dry during those stormy nights. It keeps you toasty in as low as 30 degree weather, and has an easy to set up pole system. Throw in a limited time warranty and you have a deal!

MaxMiles 1-2 Person Premium Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Another one of the best backpacking tents around is this 1-2 person wonder from MaxMiles. It's a premium, ultra-lightweight model that gets the job done right. This brand specializes in strength, containing a reliable 20D Silicon-coated Rip-Stop Nylon Taffeta, the material used in making parachutes! It also has a waterproof rating of >5000mm, meaning you will be dry and comfy through mother nature’s quarrels. With an easy 5 minute set up time, this tent just keeps on providing.

Larger Backpacking Tents

Larger Backpacking Tents

Best 3-4 Person Backpacking Tents

Do you like to travel in packs? Take the crew out with the some of the best backpacking tents; found below:

20D Breathable Ripstop Nylon tent and Rainfly with PU2000 Silicon Coating, Aluminum Poles, Footprint included

This tent has been flying off the shelves. It is durable, rain and tear resistant! Light and compact, this tent can still fight back against harsh and windy climates.

Very easy to set up with a color-coded system in place, you can depend on the Exio to provide you with an exceptional home while in nature. It has been known to stand tall against days’ worth of torrential rains and 45mph sustained winds without a blink of an eye!

WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent

This backpacking tent truly is one of the best. It is designed for spacious luxury at a good price, and you can’t beat that! It's a roomy AND lightweight tent, barely weighing in at 6.5lbs. Its floor dimensions are 88”x80”, with peak height at 53”, giving people over 6ft the room that they need to relax in nature.

To top that all off, this tent comes in four bright colors: azure, extra size green (which is much bigger than the other colors!), lime green and orange! Some other fun features include a convenience two door design with a large front vestibule. Camp in style by extending the front door to make a porch.

Designed for 3 seasons, but with the help of a warm sleeping bag, it can even be used in the winter months!

Best Backpacking Tent

Best Backpacking Tent

Oh, and Another Thing

Check out this Hyke and Byke Quandary 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag designed for backpacking. This bag comes with a lifetime warranty and has been tested with the best backpacking tents around the world by over 20,000 people.

This backpacking sleeping bag is designed for comfort, and convenience. You will save space AND cut down on the pounds in your travel pack. Weighing only 3.15 lbs, this bag utilizes quality duck down insulation which runs miles around the synthetic kind! Ya know…in case you needed a prime sleeping bag to go with that Weanas backpacking tent!

Top Backpacking Tents

Top Backpacking Tents


Curious about a long trail that you could use these awesome backpacking tents on? Let me tell you about the PCT.  The PCT, or Pacific Crest Trail for long is a 2,700 mile trail along the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain Ranges.

The PCT will lead you from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and goes through multiple states: California, Oregon and Washington. This hike takes between 4-6 months and passes through many national parks and forests. A thru-hike adventure that is definitely worthy of bucket-list status, and only the best backpacking tents!

This hiking gear will be monumental in your quest to explore the great outdoors. It always helps to have a plan, and the right gear to get you there! What are some of the best backpacking tents that you have journeyed with? Get out there and explore mother nature’s wonders in only the best backpacking tents today!