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The Exsplore Team at Angel's Landing

The Exsplore Team at Angel's Landing

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I'm Meelad and together my gf Cassie and I created Exsplore in 2016. We had just gotten back from a trip to Catalina Island and were talking about how it'd be cool to write about our adventure somewhere, which is how the idea for our blog came about.

That same day, we started outlining our ideas and before you know it, Exsplore was born and our first travel guide was up! We've been writing non-stop since and are on a mission is to give nature lovers interesting stories worth reading.

We currently reside in Los Angeles. During the weekdays, Cassie is an RN and I work in tech!

Why Exsplore?

Exsplore is a combination of three words:

  1. Explore: to travel over new territory for adventure or discovery
  2. 'Splore: an English abbreviation of the word "Explore", and
  3. Splore: a Scottish word meaning frolic, revel, or escapade
  4. Also, exsplore.com was available and explore.com was not

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