Best Backpacking Fishing Rod & Gear for Backcountry Anglers

Backcountry Fishing Gear

Some of the best fishing is hidden in hard to reach places where the water is shallow and the trees are dense. Versatile and lightweight fly fishing gear that doubles or even triples in uses is essential for making your hike-in fishing trip comfortable and successful. Check out our list below to find out what our picks are for the best hiking and backpacking fishing gear.

Top Backpacking Fishing Gear

Top Backpacking Fishing Gear

1.) Orvis Safe Passage Hip Pack

Our first pick for the best backpacking fishing gear is the Orvis Safe Passage Hip Pack is essential for those anglers who need to travel light. This pack is small enough to be comfortable around your hips and not get in the way of your casting, but big enough to hold your gear with room for a water bottle and sweatshirt. 

With the option to buy the pack “fully loaded”, you can’t say no. The fully loaded version comes jam packed with all the essentials to immediately hit the stream; snips, 2 packs of knotless leaders, power jaw forceps, best sellers fly selection and more. 

The pack has two compartments, a side mesh pocket, foam padded waist belt and converts into a chest pack. The water resistant bottom allows you to set the pack down whenever and wherever needed. The foam patch on top of the pack allows you to grab flies with ease.

2.) Compass 360 Deadfall Waders

While many hike-in fishing areas may be shallow, wearing waders means you can be prepared for crossing deeper areas of water. Always check your waders for leaks before you go. Nothing is worse than being in wet waders all day. Layer with a 2 in 1 jacket with a rain proof outer shell to be prepared for any weather. 

The Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable STFT Chest Waders are some of the best backpacking fishing gear/waders and are an affordable and solid option. The 2 in 1 chest pocket design means extra storage room and has a flip out dry storage pocket to keep your phone or camera dry. Made with 4-ply nylon with reinforced knees and shins means they are durable enough for hike-ins. The best part is the neoprene booties that are designed to not bunch when you put your wading boots on.

Top Hiking Fishing Gear

Top Hiking Fishing Gear

3.) Polarized Sunglasses

 Polarized sunglasses should be used on all fishing trips at all times. The number one safety aspect of fishing, nobody needs a hook in the eye.

The Suncloud Mayor Polarized sunglasses are a personal favorite because they are affordable and durable and should be on your list for cheap backpacking fishing gear. While polarized isn’t completely necessary, they allow you to properly see fish in the  water.

4.) Orvis Encounter Spin/Fly Combo

Orvis has done it again by creating the ultimate lightweight 2-in-1 fly/spin combo rod, making it the best hiking fishing rod. And at a great price, you cannot do better. 

This 5 piece set includes interchangeable fly and spin butt sections so you can be prepared for any kind of backpacking fishing. Both coming in at 7 feet long, the spin is set for 1/16-3/16 oz. lures and 2-6 lb. test. The 5 wt fly rod allows you to keep control of  virtually all trout and your average bass. 

The case allows you to easily and safely carry your rods to the perfect hike-in destination. This set is also an affordable gift for those who are new to backcountry fishing as well. 

Best Backcountry Fishing Gear

Best Backcountry Fishing Gear

5.) IceMule Coolers Pro Cooler

It’s not a day of fishing without beer and sandwiches. The IceMule Coolers Pro Cooler is a top rated cooler backpack for hiking and fishing.

The 20-liter dry bag cooler is the smallest of the packs but still stores up to 18 cans and keeps ice for 24 hours with no leaks, literally making it the coolest backpacking fishing gear on the market. The padded backpack straps are added for extra comfort. Coming in grey or olive colors, this is a super stylish pack and can be doubled as a regular dry bag. The elastics on the front allow for safe storage for unneeded layers. 

The ultimate dry bag cooler also comes in larger sizes of 30 and 40 liters, allowing you to not only store food and drinks for the whole gang, but also bring back fish for the family.

6.) Booms Fishing N1 Fly Fishing Trout Net

Essential but often forgotten; the net. 

The go-to net of many backcountry anglers, Booms Fly Fishing Trout Net is lightweight and attachable to a backpack or wading belt. The clear rubber net is easy to clean and won’t spook fish. 

With a depth of 9 inches and a length of 24.5 inches, this net is suitable for all trout and bass. The solid wood laminate handle is lightweight and mildew resistant. Perfect gear for backpacking and fishing.

Best Wilderness Fishing Gear

Best Wilderness Fishing Gear

This gear is the go-to best backpacking fishing gear for those who love the backcountry and are looking for the best gear for their next hike-in fly fishing trip. The best anglers are always prepared and ready for a good time. Versatility is key to keep you prepared and ready for anything the water has to offer. I hope you enjoyed my picks for the top backpacking fishing gear.