Axe Throwing is in Full Swing in the U.S.A.

#DartsAreForWimps #Lumbersexual

#DartsAreForWimps #Lumbersexual

Axe Throwing

What started as a hobby between lumberjacks has quickly become capitalized into a whole business industry that caters to people who enjoy extreme sports and adrenaline-inducing hobbies.

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When we first started writing about axe throwing there was only one legit axe throwing center in the U.S. that we could find, which was Bad Axe Throwing in Chicago. Most axe throwing centres were in Canada. But now, months later, we're excited to announce that there has been a significant increase in the number of axe throwing locations in the U.S.

If you're anxious to scratch your axe throwing itch, now is the perfect time for you. And the best part? Some of the axe throwing centers have an alcohol license and you drink beer while you throw! So head out to your nearest location and start swingin'.

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Axe throwing is already a big thing in Canada but it didn't start spreading widely through the United States until this year.

Below, we've curated a comprehensive directory of all the U.S. Axe Throwing locations we can find.

Axe Throwing Locations in the United States

Ohio: Columbus Axe Throwing (Cleveland/Columbus/Cincinnati), Urban Axes Cincinnati (Coming Soon)
Oklahoma: Bad Axe Throwing Oklahoma City [OKC] (Opening August)
PennsylvaniaUrban Axes PhiladelphiaValhalla Indoor Axe Throwing - Irwin, PA
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
: Throw Nashville, BATL Nashville
Texas: Houston Axe Throwing, Urban Axes AustinDallas Axe ThrowingKick Axe AustinKraken Axes Austin/Dallas/Houston (Pop-up)
UtahSocial Axe Throwing Ogden, True North Axe Throwing Lehi
: Kick Axe Seattle
Washington D.C.: Bad Axe Throwing Langdon, Kick Axe Ivy City, Kraken Axes (Pop-up)
West Virginia

If our list is missing a location, let us know in the comments below!