The view along the High Peaks Trail

The view along the High Peaks Trail

Pinnacles National Park

Camping and Hiking Guide

Bear Gulch Reservoir

Bear Gulch Reservoir


If you don't know much about Pinnacles National Park, now is a great time to get acquainted. Pinnacles is a little known gem in Central California. Not many people have heard about it and less have actually visited.

Pinnacles National Park is our favorite National Park and our #1 recommended park to visit. Pinnacles is America's newest National Park. It was established in 2013 and people are starting to learn about it, which means it's not as busy now as it will be years from now.

Pinnacles is only one and a half hours from San Jose, so if you're in the Bay Area, you should take the time to visit. If you're not from the area, but you're driving past, don't miss out on the opportunity to stop by.

Should you visit Pinnacles? Yes, the experience of visiting Pinnacles leaves you feeling extremely fortunate. The park gives a lot more than you would expect going in. Pinnacles is one big playground of unique rock structures and exhilarating hikes that leave you in a state of wonder and amazement. You won't look at anything the same again.

Planning and Preparing to visit Pinnacles

Rock staircase on the High Peaks Trail

Rock staircase on the High Peaks Trail

If you like to camp, Pinnacles is a great choice. The campground is beautiful and the spots are spacious. Be sure to reserve a campground as soon as possible as they do fill up quickly. You can find more information on camping here and you can reserve a campground at

If your trip is more spontaneous and all of the campgrounds are full, you can try to secure a walk in spot by arriving at the visitors center on the day of. Arrive in the morning at the visitor center to try and secure a first come first serve tent spot. It's easier to secure a walk in spot on weekdays than weekends. If it's something like a holiday weekend and you're not sure if the park/campground is going to be busy or not, I can tell you that the last holiday weekend we were there, the line of cars and traffic to get in the park was more than 2 hours long. The park is small and they were only letting 1 car in at a time after someone else exits the park. We were able to avoid this traffic by arriving no later than 8-9am. We didn't get a campground though, but ended up sharing a campground with another couple (we just asked them). The visitor center phone number is 831-389-4485.

How to get to Pinnacles


Pinnacles is two and a half hours from San Francisco, one and a half hours from San Jose, and four and a half hours from Los Angeles. There are two entrances to the park, east and west, and the entrances do not connect. The main entrance that most people visit is the East Entrance. The East Entrance has the campground and most of the trail heads. The West Entrance is mostly for day visits, which is good if you're not camping. Hiking or driving from entrance to entrance can take hours so make sure you go to the correct one!

There is no shortage of magnificent scenery at Pinnacles

There is no shortage of magnificent scenery at Pinnacles

Pinnacles National Park
5000 Highway 146
Paicines, CA 95043

What to do at Pinnacles

The best thing to do at Pinnacles is hike, hike, and then hike some more! Our first weekend at Pinnacles we hiked over 30 miles because each hike left us wanting more. There are spectacular views so see, rocks to climb, caves to explore, rivers to dip your aching feet in, and wildlife to witness.

Our most recommended hike in Pinnacles is the High Peaks trail. Along this trail you spelunk (explore caves), see spectacular grassy valleys, and walk along narrow ridges on top of the Pinnacle rock formations. This part of the trail is known as the Steep and Narrow section and it is definitely adrenaline inducing!

More information on the trails available is located here. Stop by the Visitor's Center to inquire about which of the trails fit your skill level.

If you plan on hiking in Yosemite in the near future and will be summiting Half Dome, we recommend checking out the Chalone Peak Trail. The hike is 9 miles round trip, 3 to 5 hours, and has an elevation gain of 2,040 feet. This hike is a perfect trainer for the Half Dome Hike with respect to intensity. The steep and narrow section of the High Peaks trail also helps you become comfortable with walking on top of narrow, steep ridges.

If you're camping, stop by the campground amphitheater at night for presentations and talks about nature!

If you're a climber, bring your gear! More info on Pinnacles Climbing options here.

If you enjoy bird watching, bring your binoculars. The park is know as a breeding ground for the critically endangered California Condor. The Condor's huge, almost 10 foot wingspan is the widest of any North American bird!

Tips for Visiting Pinnacles National Park

On the High Peaks Trail

On the High Peaks Trail

  • Don't forget your flashlight or headlight for cave exploring

  • Consider it good luck if a California Condor flies right over you!
  • Fun Fact: Pinnacles is the remnants of an ancient volcano. Over time, the earth split the ancient volcano apart and the other half of the volcano traveled south, and is today what is known as Neenach Volcano/Neenach Formation.

Visit Pinnacles Today!

Pinnacles is a really special place. It's full of huge California Condors, great hiking, and cave exploring. I didn't realize central California could be so beautiful! I guess I thought it was just farmland. Well now I know that is not the case. 

Pinnacles in my opinion is California's best kept secret. Not too many people know about it and less have actually visited. It's not too far from the Bay Area and definitely worth the trip.

If you enjoy your time at Pinnacles and want to go somewhere just as fun, consider visiting Yosemite National Park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, or Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. Monterey is also close by and hosts beautiful parks such as McWay Falls and Point Lobos. If you're from Southern California, your next adventure could be camping at Mt. Baldy or Catalina Island!

Pinnacles FAQ

Question: Are the caves open right now?

Answer: Pinnacles has 2 caves, Bear Gulch Cave and Balconies Cave. Both caves are really cool. Depending on the status of the bats and on the weather, one or both caves may be open or closed. To check the open/close status of both caves, click here. Don't forget your flashlight!

Question: Is Pinnacles National Park dog friendly?

Answer: Pinnacles is not a great place for hiking with your pet. The only places dogs are allowed inside the park is on paved roads, parking lots, and picnic areas.

Question: What is the best trail to hike in Pinnacles National Park?

Answer: The best trail in Pinnacles is the High Peaks Trail.

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