WATL - 2017 World Axe Throwing League Starts Oct. Championships in Dec. Four+ Countries Representing

Axe Throwing

For those that like to feel the rush from adrenaline, axe throwing is something that we recommend trying. It's currently picking up steam in the U.S., but has been established in Canada for a while.

We learned about axe throwing earlier this year and of course had to try it. It's like an extreme game of darts. But much more satisfying.

One of our favorite places to throw an axe is at Bad Axe Throwing. Bad Axe has locations all over Canada and the U.S. In fact, they have 17 locations throughout North America so far and say they aren't planning on stopping expansion anytime soon.

Bad Axe recently opened their first California location too, in San Francisco, which we're really excited about. Now we're just waiting for them to open a location in Los Angeles, so we don't have to travel to far anymore just to scratch our axe throwing itch.

Axe Throwing is a growing hobby in the U.S.

Axe Throwing is a growing hobby in the U.S.

We recently caught up with one of our friends at Bad Axe, Melanie. Melanie's awesome, we've worked with her before on a couple axe throwing articles for EXSPLORE. She's pretty knowledgable on the subject. We wanted to connect with her to get more information about a new axe throwing competition we've been hearing about, called the World Axe Throwing League.


The World Axe Throwing League, or WATL, will be a competition amongst axe throwers all over the world. WATL also happens to be organized by Bad Axe. Members will be competing for the ultimate title of 2017 World Axe Throwing League Champion, and will go home with a grand prize of $3,500.

Melanie told us that the regional finals will be held near the end of November and the championship will be held in early December.

The league is going to have members from 4 different countries participating. Axe throwers from around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Ireland will be representing their respective countries in a axe showdown like no other. The WATL is even expecting over 1,000 members to participate worldwide.

Members don't have to travel across the world to participate, though. You can enter and compete from your home country, at your local axe throwing center.

There's at least 15 WATL affiliated axe throwing locations that will be participating in the competition.

The first annual league ever starts in just a few days, on October 9th, 2017.

It costs $15/week to participate and to have a chance at winning the $3,500 grand prize. The season in total costs about $120 + tax. And you don't need any prior axe throwing experience.

Interesting, right?

Urban axe throwing is currently exploding across the world. This championship is going to be the first and largest global championship in history, and the competition is planned to grow each year.

Wouldn't it be cool to say you were part of the first WATL ever?

World Axe Throwing League Championships start early October

World Axe Throwing League Championships start early October

League FAQs

  • The league runs for 8 consecutive weeks starting early October; the first week is focused on lessons on how to throw the axes
  • There are different axe throwing techniques (one handed, two handed, etc.); everyone has their own technique
  • Scoring is counted on a point system, and it's all tracked in an app that league members from all around the world can download
  • Throwing an axe right onto the blue dots on the target is known as a kill shot; they're hard to get, but if you can perfect your kill shot throw, you'll be in the lead
  • People have interesting traditions when they throw axes; some people don't get haircuts prior to a competition and others have been known to wear the same "lucky" t-shirt for every match
  • The 2017 World Axe Throwing League Championship will be hosted at Bad Axe Throwing in Chicago, IL, and participants from all over the world will be making the trip to compete
  • You can follow The World Axe Throwing League on Instagram to stay up to date on the competition
  • Most people that join the leagues will be first timers; WATL coaches will provide an orientation and lessons prior to competing

The World Axe Throwing League is a great way to meet people in the community and make friends!

Are you ready to become the WATL Champion?