Best Bang for your Buck Hiking Shoes


Don't Know What Hiking Shoe to Get? We did the digging so you don't have to

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Best Hiking Boot for Men: I've had these Columbia boots for more than a year now and they've held up really well through a lot of hiking on dirt, rock, sand, and even snow! My boots have been everywhere from the Grand Canyon to the Sierra Nevadas. These boots are rugged and manly, but also comfy and sturdy. They're waterproof and breathable at the same time. And they're going for a great price on Amazon! -Meelad

Best Hiking Boot for Women: Out of all the hiking boots I've had, the Keen Terradora has got to be my favorite. Not only is it comfortable on long hikes, but it is also waterproof and great for climbing up boulders like the ones in Joshua Tree.  A lot of hiking boots tend to be bulky which I personally don't like, but this one has a narrow look to it which gives it that feminine touch. Plus it comes in a variety of colors! -Cassie


Best Trail Running Shoes for Men: I'm a huge fan of the Reebok Zigtech line of shoes. They're perfect for the trail - lots of grip, comfortable, light, and flexible. And the interesting design of the shoes always grabs attention. My Reebok Zigtechs are my go to hiking shoe for when I'm going on a lighter hike that doesn't require the heavier Columbia boots. If you're looking for that perfect trail shoe, look no further than these Reebox Zigwilds, which come in a variety of colors on Amazon! -Meelad

Best Trail Running Shoes for Women: Asics makes some of the best running shoes out there, but these Gel-Fuji Racer are my favorite. I have put more miles in these shoes than any other shoe that I've owned. From running on the beach, to hiking in the mountains, climbing rocks, and even just running on the treadmill. This shoe is so versatile and durable. It's super lightweight and the traction is amazing. I've never lost my grip even when I'm running down the mountain or climbing up a boulder. -Cassie



I found this shoe on amazon the other day and HAD to have it. Can't wait for it to get delivered :)


I love the sole, the blue color, and the shoelaces.

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