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My name is Meelad and together my gf Cassie and I created Exsplore in 2016. We'd just gotten back from a camping trip to Catalina Island and were talking about how it'd be cool to share our camping and hiking experiences online somewhere, which is how the idea for our blog was inspired.

That same day, we started outlining our ideas and before you know it, this site was born and our first travel guide was up! We've been writing non-stop since and are on a mission to provide nature lovers with the most entertaining content possible.

Us at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Us at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Why Exsplore?

The name of this blog, Exsplore, is a combination of two words:

1. Explore: to travel over new territory for adventure or discovery

2. Splore: a Scottish word meaning frolic, revel, or escapade

Also, exsplore.com was available and explore.com was not!


Our Mission

We want to inspire people to lead active and healthy lifestyles, to have an interest in nature, and to promote exploration of the great outdoors.


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