What Is Content Marketing - Simple Explanation For Beginners

Hi my name is Meelad and I’m a content marketing consultant specializing in travel and adventure. Below I cover what content marketing is at a high level. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to message me below.


☀️ Think of content marketing like solar power. The sunshine is organic traffic, the solar panels are content, and the electricity generated is conversions. -Meelad Mashaw

What’s Content Marketing?

There’s organic (search engine) traffic actively searching online for products and services in every market. That organic traffic is going to click to multiple webpages while learning more about the subject and evaluating their choices, and a certain percentage of that traffic is going to buy something.

If you don't create content to serve that traffic then your competitors will, or they probably already are.

You can use free organic traffic to your advantage by using content marketing, which means you’re leveraging multi-media content to capture and engage the organic traffic of your market with the purpose of leading them towards a sale, conversion, or goal.

How Content Marketing Works

To understand why content marketing is important, let's first review how a marketing funnel works.

Content marketing - marketing funnel

A marketing funnel visualizes the path a customer takes when taking an action, like purchasing a product.

A customer can be anywhere in the funnel at a given time. They might not even be aware that they need what you're selling. Seeing your content can put them in the awareness stage.

Or they are already aware, interested, and ready to buy. The decision stage is when they’re comparing the different options like competitor products.

The “action” is the ultimate goal for the user. Whether it’s them purchasing a physical or digital product, or getting them to sign up for a newsletter, they’re going to go down this funnel.

If you're selling a unique product, you want to create broader content that catches people’s attention at the top of the funnel and leads them down from there.

If you have an in-demand product with lots of competitors, you want to differentiate yourself with content that clearly explains your value propositions and uses targeted keywords and SEO tactics to capture people lower in the funnel.

Content Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Content marketing and SEO are just a couple methods of inbound marketing and they’re both one of the most important customer acquisition channels for many of the top companies.

Content marketing works because when you provide lots of value and entertainment to someone for free, it helps build a relationship with them that traditional advertising does not.

Most people are blind to direct ads these days. When a potential customer goes out of their way to read and engage with content, they feel more like friends with the brand, trust the brand, and are more inclined to make a purchase from that brand when they’re ready.

There's other ways to reach customers such as with paid advertising, but with a successful content marketing campaign you will increase free organic traffic to your website and inbound leads and sales will follow naturally.

Imagine reducing or even eliminating your spend on PPC. It'd be pretty nice, right?

How Content Marketing Fits Into Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is when you get people to come to you, instead of you going to them.

For example, you probably already noticed but inbound marketing is actually the strategy I'm using on this page you're reading right now.

What is content marketing

What is content marketing

If you're visiting from Google, then you might have landed here because you searched for one of many keywords this page might be ranking for, like content strategy consultant.

I choose keywords like this because it shows that the person searching has buyer's intent, which means they might be low in the sales funnel and more likely to hire a freelance content marketer like me.

Which brings me to…

The most important lesson I’ve learned in all of content marketing.

Because if you’ve read this far, then you deserve to know the content marketing secret!

The secret is simple.

When creating new content, you can boost your conversion rate and make more money by creating content targeted towards keywords with high purchase intent, as opposed to targeting keywords with low purchase intent.

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