How To Check Keyword Ranking in Google Search

New “Your Site on Google” Keyword Ranking Insights Feature

For those of you who own or manage a website, I am pleased to announce the arrival of a great new feature on the google search engine results page (SERP).

The new feature shows you how your site is ranking for key phrases related to your website. You have to search for a key phrase in google search to see it, and this is what it says:

“See how your site has been showing for this query for the past 7 days and compare to the previous 7 days”

The exact details are not clear yet, but my assumption is that if you’re using the Chrome browser, signed into your gmail account, and have google search console active, google will show you how you’re ranking for various search terms directly on the SERP, like this:

New google search/google search console feature

New google search/google search console feature

The “site performance” anchor links out to the Google Search Console > Performance tab

The “find out how” anchor links out to

This feature appeared on my SERP on 10/6/2018

Why Is This Important?

People with smaller businesses usually don’t have rank tracking software and instead tend to check google search directly to see how their website is ranking for their most important search terms. The google team seems to have realized this.

I think this new feature can help a lot of people out.

For example I used to work as a digital marketing account manager doing local SEO for medical clients. My clients would call me (sometimes weekly) to ask me how they are doing for their keywords, which can take up a lot of time.

If I had this tool back then, I could have showed my clients this feature and then the client wouldn’t have had to spend time reaching out to me, they could just check themselves.

This is a much welcomed tool in my opinion.

Who Has This New Feature?

I’m not sure if this feature is showing for everyone yet, or if it’s still in beta/A-B testing. I was not contacted to be a beta tester or anything. This feature was not on my SERP page yesterday, and it’s here today.

There are of course many keyword ranking tracking tools out there. And I have tested some of those tools out, to an extent. But I don’t always trust that those tools are up to date.

I prefer to get all of my information straight from the horses mouth - in this case google. That’s why I’m always feverishly checking google search console and google search itself instead of relying on third party tools.

Keep it up, Google!

I would’ve never in a million years expected google to release a feature like this.

I’ve been watching the google search team ship a lot of great new tools and features lately and am very pleased by the progress of google search.

I’m excited for the future of search engine technology.

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My name is Meelad Mashaw and I’m an inbound marketing consultant and editor in chief of EXSPLORE. I have experience working at high-growth startups in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach.

What do you think of google’s new update?

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