Content Marketing Case Study: How To Get 600% Better Results

Maximize your content’s performance by making sure your past, current, and future content is search engine optimized (SEO) and conversion rate optimized (CRO).

From my experience as a content creator I know for a fact that optimized content, everything from blog posts to Youtube videos, performs 4x-6x better than content that is not optimized.

Here’s the main benefits of optimizing your content:

  1. More Clicks

  2. More Traffic

  3. More Money

Easy to understand why it’d be worth it, right?

Let’s See The Evidence

As a blogger and content marketing consultant I regularly optimize content for both myself and for clients.

Here’s some content marketing case studies:

1.) More Clicks

Increased Clicks - Content marketing case study

In this screenshot you can see that after optimizing one of our highest-earning pages (on 2018-09-05) the clicks on that page doubled. Then after a second round of optimization (2018-10-31) the clicks on the page quadrupled.

And that’s only one page. We’ve gone back and optimized dozens of our highest value pages so far.

2.) More Traffic

Here’s another example of a high-value page I optimized for a client in early August 2018 that went on to hit a 4.5x traffic increase:

Increased Traffic - Content marketing case study

And you know what more traffic means…more $.

Keep in mind that the actual optimization is only half the battle.

I first have to spend a lot of time analyzing all of the different data and analytics to determine what content to optimize, and how!

3.) More Money

Whether you want to make more money from your current partners or are interested in exploring new revenue channels, implementing new affiliate partners and optimizing websites for existing affiliate partners are both something I have a lot of experience with.

New Revenue Streams

Here’s a new affiliate partner I implemented recently that already has more than 1,800 clicks and a 43% conversion rate!

Implementing New Affiliate Partners - Content marketing case study

Existing Revenue Stream Optimization

And here’s an existing affiliate partner that was making an average of $10/day @ 100 clicks per day:

Affiliate Partner Optimization [Before] - Content marketing case study

After optimizing the content for this affiliate partner, it’s now making an average of $50/day @ 500 clicks per day:

Affiliate Partner Optimization [After] - Content marketing case study

That’s a 5x increase!

I think you get the idea…

It’s worth spending time optimizing content.

So how do you optimize content exactly? I’ll personally write an article on that another day.

In the mean time, there’s plenty of resources online if you search how to optimize content for SEO or how to do CRO.

As a content marketing consultant that specializes in optimization, I can make sure that your content is performing at its finest.

If you have any questions about optimization, please let me know in the comments below.