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Hi, I'm Meelad Mashaw, A Content Marketing Consultant

 Meelad Mashaw, Content Marketing Consultant

Meelad Mashaw, Content Marketing Consultant

Welcome to my site,

EXSPLORE is a content-heavy site in the adventure travel niche and it's a perfect example of my content marketing work.

I've never spent money advertising EXSPLORE but rather have used inbound marketing strategies to grow the audience to tens of thousands of readers and a steady income.

Feel free to take a look around the blog or keep reading below to learn how we can use content marketing to elevate your business.

What's content marketing, and do you need consulting?

Content marketing is leveraging multi-media content to capture and engage your target audience with the purpose of leading them towards a sale or conversion. To understand why content marketing is so important, let's first review how a marketing funnel works.

 The right content marketing strategy can help alleviate roadblocks in your sales funnel

The right content marketing strategy can help alleviate roadblocks in your sales funnel

A marketing funnel visualizes the path a customer takes when making a purchase. A customer can be anywhere in the funnel at a given time. They might not know they want what you're selling or they could be ready to buy and are just comparing their different options. If you're selling a unique product, you want to create broader content that gets people at the top of the funnel and leads them down from there. If you have an in-demand product with lots of competitors, you want to differentiate yourself with content that clearly explains your value proposition and uses targeted keywords and SEO tactics to capture people lower in the funnel.

Content marketing is one method of inbound marketing and it's one of many ways you can capture and engage your customers. It's an important customer acquisition channel for many of the top companies. There's other ways to reach potential clients such as paid advertising, but with a successful content marketing campaign you will increase organic traffic to your website and inbound leads and sales will follow. Imagine never paying for PPC again, it'd be pretty nice, right?

All of the organic traffic in your market is going to go somewhere. If you don't take advantage of it, your competitors will (or they probably already are).


Creating content to capture organic traffic is like using a dam to control a river or a windmill to catch wind. Think about inbound marketing like using natural resources to create renewable energy. For example imagine content marketing as solar panels on the roof of your house, generating electricity. The solar panels are your campaign, the sunshine hitting the panels is the organic traffic, and the electricity produced is sales and conversions. But first you need to do your research and buy the solar panels, get them installed, and wait for the ROI.
— Meelad Mashaw


Why Content marketing is important

Inbound marketing is in fact the strategy I'm using with this page you're reading right now. I did keyword research, created this SEO-optimized page, and now it's ranking well on google. You landed here probably because you searched for "content marketing consultant" or a related keyword on google . I chose that keyword because it shows buyer's intent, which means there's a chance you're in the market for my services.

 Content Marketing Specialist Certified Since 2016

Content Marketing Specialist Certified Since 2016

Imagine that, capturing some or all of the organic traffic looking for keywords related to what you're selling. These are called low-funnel leads and they are the type of customer that is most likely to make a purchase. Inbound marketing can be useful for almost any industry, but establishing a highly effective content marketing strategy is not easy. Conversion rates are already pretty low for a well running marketing campaign. 2-4% is the average conversion rate across internet businesses. So for every 100 people that reach your website, 2-4 will buy something. But without the right marketing strategy, your conversion rates could be even lower than that.

It's not as simple as publishing content and hoping that people see it, become interested, and take action. I've noticed that many companies are creating content that is too broad, not SEO-optimized, and not conversion rate optimized. There's a lot of trial and error involved in the content creation process and it takes a while to learn what works and what doesn't.

That's where I come in as your consultant. I accelerate the time it takes between wanting to start a content marketing campaign to getting a successful campaign up and running. I will save you time and money while increasing your revenue.



Fun Fact: I was the first journalist to break the news about Bird Scooters. It's true, my Bird article became a #1 hit overnight leading to tens of thousands of new website visitors, thousands of new email subscribers, backlinks from major websites like TechCrunch, increased affiliate and advertising income, and new consulting opportunities.



My Services: Content Marketing Consulting

 Do you have a content marketing strategy in place?

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place?

So we can see how content marketing is a great long-term investment for your business. So why should you choose me as your inbound marketing specialist?

You should contact me if you need help

  • Connecting your audience with your brand
  • Defining your content strategy
  • Finding the right keywords and optimizing your SEO

If you're ready to

  • Spend less money on paid advertising
  • Get more sales and revenue
  • Increase your conversion rate

I'm here to help you learn what content marketing is, how to use it effectively, and to give you the foundation and framework you need to run a successful content marketing campaign for your business.

If you're interested in learning how you can leverage the power of content to have an unlimited supply of inbound leads and sales, fill out the form below and I will be in touch.

 Message Meelad for a Content Marketing Quote

Message Meelad for a Content Marketing Quote

About Meelad



Meelad is a California-based Content Marketing Consultant and Content Creator with digital marketing experience at high-growth startups in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach. Meelad specializes in running effective and efficient inbound marketing initiatives and is using his expertise to help internet entrepreneurs formulate content marketing strategies that unlock the potential of search engine traffic. Meelad focuses on performance and achieving tangible results such as increasing organic visitors, conversions, and revenue while decreasing paid advertising costs. Meelad has helped individuals, startups, and established companies increase website traffic by an average of over 350% with an increased conversion rate of 3-5% and reduced ad spend of 50-90%.

Meelad's Guiding Principles:

  • Transparency & Trust: You will 100% know what to expect when working with Meelad.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Meelad only works with select clients and will never take on more work than he can handle.
  • Focus On ROI: Meelad will clearly define tangible campaign goals and KPIs.
  • Teach, Enable, & Empower Clients: The campaign will be successful once your expectations have been met and you feel comfortable managing the campaign with little or no support from Meelad.
 Content Marketing Quote

Content Marketing Quote


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