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With a potent 5-C Formula that gets you to the top of search engine results & generates 400-500% better results than the competition.
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In a world where it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out through the noise online, it’s more important now than ever to make sure your content is optimized for performance.

To achieve this you’ll need to hire one or more people who are good at content marketing, content creation, search engine optimization, and copywriting or editing.

Hiring multiple people is going to cost a lot and it’ll be a headache to manage everyone.

You can save time and money and get the best ROI by investing in someone like me, a Hubspot certified content marketer who specializes in all things inbound marketing-related, including:

  • Content Strategy: what kind of content to create, how to distribute it, and how to link pieces of content together to create sales funnels

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): what keywords to target and how to keep the content fresh, relevant, and at the top of search engines

  • Conversion-Rate Optimization (CRO): tracking and improving the percentage of people who click-through to the content and who take action once on the page

  • A/B Testing: experimenting with content using automation and best-judgement with a goal of increasing clicks and conversions

  • Copywriting: writing persuasive words that drive action and performance for anything like email, ads, blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media

Hi, I'm Meelad

A content marketing consultant who LOVES organic traffic and wants to tell you all about how powerful content marketing and SEO is and why it should be considered an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

I started blogging for fun by writing hiking and camping guides for California’s National Parks, as a creative outlet to my day job.

I ended up falling in love with blogging and switched my career to content marketing.

I enjoy creating well performing content and helping clients like you do the same.

If you’re looking to up your content marketing game then I’m ready to rock, too.

This Is How We Do It

High-Octane Content

Beautiful content that ranks well in Google with high click-through and conversion rates.


Fine-tuned Strategy

Content calibrated to engage the right audience and convert them into your best customers.


Start To Finish

Whether your project is big or small, my services are flexible to your unique needs.

What are the 5 C's?

The 5-C Formula is my proprietary solution that’s perfect for those who are looking for a holistic approach to their content marketing strategy.

It's known to generate 4x-5x more impressions, clicks, and views than no-formula content and it's the same formula that's generated hundreds of thousands in dollars of profit for myself and clients.

Next Steps

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Pricing: Per-project or monthly options available.

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About Meelad Mashaw

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and equipped with a B.S. in Molecular Biology from UC Santa Cruz, plus years of experience at fast-growth startups in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach.

Between 2016-2018 I was the digital campaigns manager for over $1MM worth of accounts at PatientPop, one of the fastest growing digital marketing startups today.

Since going freelance in 2018 I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for myself and for clients mainly by using content marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Outside of work I love to stay active. A perfect day for me usually involves an adventure in nature and I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.