6 Reasons to Visit in Kuwait



Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the United Arab Emirate States known for it's wealth in oil. Bordering Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, its geographical location is what makes the country important, not only for the oil wells but also it's thriving tourism.

Kuwait is especially famous for its modern and outstanding architecture. The city of Kuwait is full of tall towers and high skyscrapers.  The water towers, constructed with impressive engineering and architectural skills is one of the many reasons to start your Kuwait online visa application and enjoy the extraordinary beauty that country has to offer. 

1.) Seif Palace

Home to the Royal Family is Seif Palace. Seif Palace is not just any palace. This palace offers wonderful Islamic culture displayed as unique, mind blowing tile-work design. The palace is creatively designed with blue tiles and roofs made of gold. Although the place is mostly used for special celebrations, tourists tend to flock the palace every year to have a view of the building's charm.

2.) 360 Mall

The 360 Mall is a luxurious shopping mall located in al Zahra, Kuwait. This gigantic mall is the third largest mall in the country and was designed with a Middle Eastern style of architecture in mind. Plus, located in this mall is the Solar Garden, which is home to more than 20,000 plant varieties growing vertically on a wall! Besides being a beautiful sight, the plants also play a role in purifying the air.

3.) Mirror House

Mirror House is the only place in the world covered entirely in mirrors. The design, which is made of glass with different colors and shapes, is very pleasant to see in person. This house has been featured in popular programs and magazines worldwide due to it's outstanding beauty.  Before visiting, you do need to book in advance. Note that high heels are restricted from the premises due to the fragile floor. 

 Kuwait at Night

Kuwait at Night

4.) Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts

This Islamic Museum has a collection of art collected over the past 50 years, with more than 30,000 items in the collection. The are comes from all over the Islamic States and include many different photos and artifacts. Thousands of items are displayed permanently while other items are displayed on loan from a private collector.

5.) Magic Planet

Kuwait is a popular place known for extensive entertainment options. Since Kuwait is an Arab country, you won't find big nightclubs that are open until 6am like other places in the world. However, Magic Planet Kuwait is one of the most popular destinations for tourism and family fun. Here, you'll find indoor skiing, and adventure lovers can engage themselves with the Sky Trail. Magic Planet offers a variety of fun activities for people in every age group.

6.) Amricani Culture Centre at the Dar Museum

Consisting of artwork from different Middle Eastern cultures, the Dar Museum is a must visit when in Kuwait.  The American Hospitals are especially unique. Don't conclude your trip to Kuwait without making a visit to the American Centre. This center can be visited from Monday through Thursday and is closed on Fridays.

 Kuwait Celebrations

Kuwait Celebrations